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O casamento no Paquistao - Islam x Tradicoes

Mais um artigo super interessante e esclarecedor que acredito que todas que se relacionam com um paquistanes estao super curiosas para entender: O sooo called casamento paquistanes...=)

Eu particularmente amei, porque eu mesma queria ter explicado isso a voces, mas ate hoje eu nao consegui entender direito toda essa funcao hihihih...

No meu casamento eu soh tive engagement, Mehandi, Nikkah e Waleema, mas na epoca era tudo tao novo para mim, entao eu nem sabia o que era o que...lol 
Outra coisa que sempre me perguntam eh se eu tive que "pagar" dote etc...Nao, eu nao tive que pagar dote nenhum (o que eh muito comum por aqui, a familia da noiva arcar com um monte de despesas que inclui entre muitas outras coisas, JOIAS ateh para as cunhadas afffffff...), muito pelo contrario, ganhei tudo (joias, roupas, dinheiro, etc etc etc)..Mas como meu caso eh um em um milhao, entao nao sei se com todas as estrangeiras vai ser do mesmo jeito, porque cada familia reage de forma distinta...But, lets pray for the best neh hehehe...

By the way, se alguem quiser conferir as pics do meu casorio ( que foi simples por sinal se comparado com os verdadeiros espetaculos que tem por aqui), meu marido phopho criou um site/album virtual na epoca do casamento...Aqui esta o link...Tem variassss fotos ...=)))

Here we go...Enjoy!!!

Marriage in Pakistan - Islam X Traditions

                      Nikkah Nama - Medoooo
Nikkah...Nao tenho muitas pics desse dia, mas eu estava vestida assim...


      Honey moon in Murree lol

Asalam-o-Alikum & hi to all readers!
I hope that you people are doing well.

Today I am going to discuss on right way of marriage which Islam depicts and also the way which we follow. Islam is a religion of simplicity, ease and comfort.

Islam does not order anyone to give other’s pain. The basic key of marriage in Islam in “NIKAH”. It means the paper evidence of marriage and two eye witnesses from girl’s side and two from boy’s side.

An Islamic scholar allows performing a NIKAH of two persons by reciting few specific versus from Quran (our Holy book) and then pray for happy and prosper life of both. Signature of girl, boy and all four witnesses on NIKAH papers and marriage is done. After this a man has complete right on girl and she becomes his wife. Then Islam allows a little party of marriage that you have to cook some food and divide is to poor or your relatives. Islam also like the exchange of gifts.
Here I would like to discuss very important issues. Islam dislikes giving “JAHEEZ”. It means when parents of girl give many things to his daughter when she is going to be married like kitchen, bedroom, drawing and dining room accessories, cloths, appliances, gold jewelry and so on. These all are prohibited in Islam and Islam deny this all. Even our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) gave only few things to his daughter including bowl and glass and one mating (small carpet). So there is basic two necessary things related to marriage in Islam and these are Nikah and Waleema (Party for relatives).

Now if we compare our traditional ways of marriages with Islamic way then it is totally against. We have a lot of traditions and culture with respect to our areas. These all traditions are wastage of money. Unfortunately, we adapt many traditions from Hindus.

Now let me explain you all traditions one by one:

First wrong tradition in our culture is “ENGAGEMENT”...There is no reality of engagement in Islam. Islam just believes on Muslim’s tongue. Once you have said you have to consist on it. Islam only likes “COMMITMNET” (VERBAL).

Then other things are now 1 week functions of marriage. It is said to be that it’s our tradition whereas Islam does not like this all.

First day is called “MAYON”...It’s a day when relatives and friends of bride and groom come together to their homes and apply some ubtan (turmeric) on his/her face and oil on his/her hairs and eat some sweets as well. After this they sing many songs do dance and so on. This function is totally a women function. So they enjoyed among themselves males are not allowed to come. Girls are usually likes to wear yellow cloths.

Next is “MEHENDI”... In this function relatives of bride and groom come together and apply mehnadi on his/her hand. Now-a-days this function is done combine means bride and groom sits together and relatives apply mehandi on their hands. This function is similar to mayon. Girls usually likes to wear yellow and green traditional dresses and boys like to wear shalwar qameez(tradional dress).

Next comes “BARAT”... It means when groom goes to bride’s house with his parents and relatives to take her with him forever.. Usually Nikah is done on same day. After Nikah few sweets and dates are distributed among all guests. Usually bride wore Red or maroon dress and gold jewelry on her wedding day. Its is also our tradition.

Then there are many more traditions related to wedding. 

And then last comes is “WALEEMA” It’s a sophisticated invitations for all relatives and friends to come and join them on dinner and lunch. “WALEEMA” is necessary element of wedding in Islam. Purpose of waleema is gathering of relatives and friends to come and see new couple and give gifts to them and most important is to arrange dinner or lunch for all guests and specially poor.

These are enjoyable moments but are wastage of money and time too.

Here I would like to share a good thing which is done on marriages is “QURAN KHAWNI” It means all relatives and friends of bride and groom come together recite a lot of Quran and pray for their good and prosper life ahead.

Here I skip many things (tradition) because time will finish, space of blog will finish but our tradition will never finish so I share main points with you.
I will try to upload pictures related to all these functions if you people want.

Keep smiling and take care!


P`S: Sehrish meri Jani, you can write as much as you want.. I'm sure that our readers would love to know more details about this marriage thing in Pakistan...So, If you can, plz write also about Dower, arranged marriage, love marriage between pakistanis, love marriage between paki boys and foreigners girls, marriage between cousins, and everything related to Marriage in Pakistan...=)))

Mishal Zohaib

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Ana disse...

Sehrish...i loved all that you wrote...but i dont have reasons to like because my paki boy will marriage at july...with his cousin...arranged married...yes...its sad but what i can do?Nothing...i dont have time yet to write about my story, but i will write soon, so you will understand better what i mean...but plz im waiting for more details ok??Thank you so much...im sure that you help many girls that wanna know about your traditions...forgive my poor and horrible english...kisses to you and Mishal

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Faz um tempinho que não passo aqui, vou ter que ler mt coisa! Mas queria pelo menos comentar suas fotos, estão belíssimas!!! Mt legal! Bjs

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