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Sistema de castas no Paquistao

Olha soh gente...

Eu fiquei sabendo ha bem pouco tempo que aqui na Pakiland tambem tem o soo called sistema de castas...Claro que nao eh tao serio como na India, mesmo porque isso eh absolutamente proibido no Islam e o Paquistao eh um pais 99% Islamico, mas infelizmente a India deixou muitas coisas arraigadas de sua cultura no subconsciente coletivo do povo paquistanes....

Eu sinceramente nao entendo patavinas desse negocio e acho tudo isso uma enorme estupidez...

Mas como sempre nossa consultora de assuntos aleatorios hehehe, esta nos dando uma pequena explicacao de como funciona esse sistema por aqui...


Asalam-o-Alikum and Hi to All Readers!

 I hope that you people are doing great.

 The topic of my today’s discussion is very interesting and important. Today I again discuss a “thing” which is against to Islam. Here I must quote one small incident with you people.It must help you to understand that what I am going to say.

Once a foreigner visited a Pakistan. On his departure his Pakistani friend asks how did you find Pakistani people. He replied: who’s Pakistani? I did not find even a single Pakistani here. Some are Punjabi, some are sindhi some are pathan and so on, then where are Pakistanis…???…It is silent message for all Pakistanis.

Unfortunately, here people categorized in many castes and want to recognize by their castes or by area where they live. They prefer to recognize on this characteristic rather to recognize by Pakistani. Whereas, Islam teaches us that nobody is black, white, rich and poor all are Muslims, and now we can add that we all are Muslim + Pakistani.

Islam strictly denies and dislikes the differences of castes and also differences of people on the basis of their color, their status and so on. But unfortunately, in Pakistan people are differentiated on the basis of rich and poor, literate and illiterate, black and white and on the basis of materialistic things. Even people having high status could not marry their kids in lower status families. There are separate universities for rich and poor.Infact in this era poor can not afford to be literate. It is said that now all facilities are for rich, poor had no right even to live, enjoying facilities are second thing. This practice is against to Islam.

But now if we compare our system with India’s system then you will find our system better than it. Hindus or Indians are basically divided into four broad categories.

1.     Barahman
2.     Waish
3.     Khashtari
4.     Shodar

Barahman’s are most rich and respectable caste of hindus. They are considered respectable in country, all good jobs are holding by them and they can enjoy all facilities of life.

Waish are lower than Barahmans. They are also considers repectable but not more than Barahmans. These are mostly work under Barahmans.

Kashtari’s are neither respectable nor be disrespected. But can not get good jobs because its not their right to get good jobs, or to read in good institutions as well.

Shodars are lower category of hindus. These are considers hate able and they punished on even a little things. They are not allowed to live in good homes or eat good food or to read in good institutions. They are mostly servant of Barahmans and Waish. Barahmans do not like them and do not allow them to stay at their home. They are considers sign of bad luck and all other bad things.

Although they are also divided into many castes with respect to their areas like Gujrati, Sikh, Bangali and so on. But these castes rely on these four basic categories. Now you can easily compare Paki and Indian system or castes. 

In Pakistan, there are both rich and poor in same castes but are differentiated on the basis of their money or status. Islam strictly dislikes this system. But unfortunately we are not obeying Islam. We made our system against Islam and now we are slave of our system. We do not want to get rid of this spoiled system.

I pray that Allah give us right path and give us strength to adapt right things and guide us to make right system which gives equal rights to all Human Beings.

Take Care and Allah Hafiz!


5 comentários:

Thaís disse...

Ganhei um selinho e vim dividir com vc... bjus !!

Thaís disse...

Falando a respeito de castas... queria muito saber o que significa esse sobre nome Khan, desculpe a ignorância é um tipo de casta??

Talking about caste ... I really wanted to know what this means about Khan's name, sorry ignorance is a kind of caste? Thanks !!

Sehrish disse...

Hi Thais!
Here in Pakistan people are divided into different caste (social gropup, background).Actually Khan is also a caste..they are people belongs to province NWFP.They are considers very brave.We can not relate ignorance with caste...casts is totally differenr from ignorance.
Take Care

Thaís disse...

Hello.. thanks for your attention!!!!

what you mean by "They are considers very brave" are serious people, very ignorant and extremist???? I was really in doubt!!!!

My jan it is Afgha and many years lives Peshawar , talking to another friend could see that there is a big prejudice with pashto.

Allah Rafiz !

Mishal Zohaib disse...

This question I myself will answer for you Thais...In this case she means Brave in the sense that they are very courageous (corajosos, valentes) got it?

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