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Para muculmanas (os) iniciantes

Mais um artigo by Sehrish, dessa vez, uma pequena explicacao para quem esta estudando e/ou se iniciando no Islam.
So gostaria de solicitar que em todos os posts da Sehrish, os comentarios fossem em ingles (nao importa que nao seja bom, nem que voce use o translator, mas eh importante que seja em ingles pra que ela possa entender o feed back de voces ok? Ela adora escrever pra gente, mas se nao facilitarmos um pouquinho pra ela, ai ela vai desanimar neahn?

Aslam-o-Alikum & Hi readers! 
I hope you all were doing well. Im fine too.
Thanks for such a positive response. I want a favor from you people. Please let me give some idea that mostly on which topics you want to know more…??? Give me your suggestions.
In this article I want to share some Islamic concepts for you (especially for new Muslims). 
Basically Islam is a building of good deeds. If any part of building got damage, whole building is in danger. 
As pillers make base of any strong and good building, same Islam has also few pillers which makes it strong. 
These are:
1)      Tooheed: It means oneness of Allah (God). That there is one God, he has no son and no father. For enterance in Islam we have to read kalma-e-Tayyaba from core of our heart. It is “La ela ha ill lal la ho Muhammad ur Rasool Allah” It means “Allah is one and no doubt that Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is Allah’s Prophet”
2)      Namaz (Prayers): It means to offer prayer for Allah five times a day. These times are Early mornig called “Fajar” , then noon called “Zuhar”, then after noon called “Asar”, then evening called “Maghrib” and last at night called “Esha”. I will explain detail method of offering prayer in my upcoming articles.
3)      Rooza (Fasting): It means to have fast and abstain from all eatables as well as all big and small sins like from speaking lie, to beat, to abuse or even think bad for someone. The purpose of Rooza means to abstain from all sins and fasting realize us that how to spend time without food. In this way Allah want to tell us that how poor people live without food and we have to care about their hunger. In month of Ramadan (Fasting) we avoid food from early morning (time of fajar) from evening (time of maghrib) and at the same time we avoid from all sins as mentioned above. Rich people cook food for poor and distribute among them or invite them at their houses. Husband wife can not build any physical relation during fasting.
4)      Zakat (Donation): Allah Tala has orderd to all Muslims that rich Muslims have to help Poor one. Allah Tala said “ Give zakat it will purify your money” Zakat is basically is an amount on that money or gold or any other property which you have possess more than one year. Allah Tala fixed percentage on all things that how much you have to give zakat. As much you have you have to pay more zakat and vice versa.There are many zakat instituitions in Pakistan as well who will help needy people. We can give zakat to poor, needy, orphans, widows, new muslims, needy and poor relatives but not to non-muslims other than any special circumstances.
5)      Hajj: Its another type of Prayer. Muslims from all over the world goes to Saudia Arabia to perform Hajj at Allah’s House. There, they perform some special kind of prayers which is necessary pary of Hajj like Tawaf of Khana Kaba (House of Allah), visit of many Holy places and Mosques and so on. Allah Tala has said that Hajj is mandatory for Muslims once in their life.
6)     Dear Readers, if you have any question about this article please feel free to ask from me. I am here to answer you and let me know your interest on which you want that I have to write.
Take Care
Allah Hafiz

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Ursinhu da Juh =] disse...

Clarify this:
I read in Sura 11:114 that a GOOD deed removes a BAD deed
"... surely the good deeds will drive away the evil deeds..."
It is confusing the reward system (bad and good deeds) in Islam:

Bukhari Volume 8, Book 76, Number 498 says:

... If somebody intends to do a good deed and he does not do it, ... a
full good deed (in his account with Him);
and if he intends to do a good deed and actually did it, ... (its
reward equal) from ten to seven hundred times to many more times:
and if somebody intended to do a bad deed and he does not do it, ... a
full good deed (in his account) ...
if he intended to do it (a bad deed) and actually did it, ... one bad
deed (in his account) ."

Let us suppose a Muslim RAPE a woman - This is ONE BAD DEED, I guess.
Let us suppose that he is not caught and live freely after that
Let us suppose that he decides to BUILD A MOSQUE then he gets a reward
of 700 good deeds and his bad deed of RAPE is also REMOVED - PLUS
Allah gives him a place similar in Paradise, according to Bukhari 1,
8, 441.

Can your good deeds RESTORE HER HONOR?
It seems that your god did not think about that.

Please clarify to me.

Mishal Zohaib disse...

Good question

Anônimo disse...

I liked the way you explained the 5 pillars of Islam, i loved the part you said 'Basically Islam is a building of good deeds. If any part of building got damage, whole building is in danger.
As pillers make base of any strong and good building, same Islam has also few pillers which makes it strong.''
Don't take me wrong Sherish but I think you should name the first 3 pillars in its correct Arabic wording not in Urdu other wise it will cause confusion for new Muslims. I believe the 1st pillar you described is Shahada(declaration of faith), 2nd Salat (prays) and 3rd Observing the month of Ramadan (fasting).
There is a great book that was gifted to be from a friend in Pakistan and its called A gift for women, is an Islamic book that covers all aspects of being a Muslimah.
There is one question I wanna ask,
Does a women lose her wudu if breastfeeding?

Sehrish disse...

Dear Gori.....
I really like your questions....See i used urdu words instead of Arabic bcz mostly in islamic countrires for paryers word "Namaz"is used instead of salat and for fasting :Rooza"is used, Ramadan is name of month.There sre many alternative names for paryers, fasting is in urdu and arabic.so i used most commen names...
And about first piller of Islam...it is basicly "Touheed" means believe on oneness of Allah and also believ that Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is last Prophet of Allah, no one come again after him as a Propher of Allah.AnD "SHAHADA" means show witness or declare that Allah is only one and Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) ARE HIS LAST pROPHET.
And about your last question...There are some condition in which Wadu breaks. These condition are:If blood comes any of ur body part, in case of vomiting, if you take deep sleep, in case of frat, in case of physical relation. so in breastfeeding wadu remains.

Sehrish disse...

Dear Ursinhu da Juh!
If somebody intends to do a good deed and he does not do it, ... a
full good deed (in his account with Him);
and if he intends to do a good deed and actually did it, ... (its
reward equal) from ten to seven hundred times to many more times:
and if somebody intended to do a bad deed and he does not do it, ... a
full good deed (in his account) ...
if he intended to do it (a bad deed) and actually did it, ... one bad
deed (in his account) ."
The Anser of your this confusion is...."Islam always gives you rewards of your intention...if your intention for doing something is good but actuly yor are not doing you will get reward sooner or later..but if you do this you will get more than reward...Same in the case of bad deed..if you want to do bad deed but you did not..Allah will give you reward (bcz something good is running in your mind that is why you avoid from doing bad deed, and with your this positive thinking no one suffers from your bad deed, so Allah will reward you just bcz of your intention ( in urdu its called "niyat") but now if you want to do some bad deed and you did it then you will get no reward bcz definately due to your bad deed someone may suffer....Right!

Sehrish disse...

Ursinhu da Juh !
About you second question...
Do not even think that Allah make differene in making reward system...you know sometimes even true Muslims thinks the same that Allah makes difference in reward system.
Listen...In Islam "Rape" is a count as a big sin "Gunah-e-Kabera" but there is no forgiveness in Islam for this sin. But a person who did rape and at the same time he is moving freely...now his this sin is may be out of sight from people but Allah is keeping eye on every onein any time any place he will be punished, we do know but Allah knows all. But now if he is going to make Mosque then Allah will reward him for his this dood deed but he will not be forgiven fot that big sin "Rape"
Let me explain you with the help of an example... Its a little story..once upon a time there was a women with very bad character...she involed in every possible big and small bad activity. everyone says that she will never go in paradise. but onece she saw a thirsty and injured dog she helped him...Allah liked her this good deed and forgive her all sins. Now on the other side one person who obey all Islamic rules, offer 5 times prayer and so on. But his nature is to maeke fun of other in absense of them (which is also considers big sin in Islam..it is called "Ghebat") Allah dislikes his this nature and did not accept his prayers and god deeds.Its treu but very old story. In many islamic books you will find this.So my dear we can not say that Allah will surely reward us on our every good deed...iF IM DOING SOME GOOG not for Allah and my intention si also not good i just want to pretent and want to show that see i am good..then Allah will never reward me in any case....Got it my dear!
I really like that u asks me such a nice questions
Allah will bless you!Ameen!
Take Care!

Marcmel disse...

Ursinho da Juh very interesting your question about good deeds can restore woman honor.

My think about this is christian think is the same, at least as a Christian, I believe that our choices that determine our destiny. God has given us free decision and we are responsible for our moral choices. But if our nature, familiar with evil, it insists on practicing bad deeds, we also have the freedom to turn to God and meet in Him relief and refuge. I believe in a God who knows how to forgive, love and comfort, but he can not avoid the consequence of our own mistakes. He forgives, but the consequence of our error, we must afford.

Note: Girls who can pass on my space and vote in my poll, thank you very much, is for further study post graduation. It is at the bottom of my page and is about fairy tales.

Ursinhu da Juh =] disse...

Hi Sehrish
Thank you for trying to answer, but I have an impression that you are
digging up a hole that you may not be able to get out. Allow me to
make some observations.

If I understood, you said that in Islam the rewards are based on your
intentions... Good intention or Bad intention.

SO according to ISLAM, IF YOU LIE to someone else with the intention
to CONVERT HER – you are doing something GOOD. Then a LIE becomes

It is hard for me to believe that LIES can be something good. The
Bible tells us that the FATHER OF LIES IS SATAN, so how lies can be
good just because of your good intentions? Lies are always lies and
always EVIL.

Forgive me but the Islamic system doesn’t make sense for me. It gets
even worse in the case of BAD DEEDS.

Ursinhu da Juh =] disse...

Let us suppose that you INTENT OR WANT to RAPE your neighbor but you
don’t do it. Then in Islam it would be something GOOD. That is crazy.
That is sick.

Jesus said that even if you look at a woman with EVIL intentions, this
is ADULTERY of the MIND. Then the morals that Jesus taught are even
higher than whatever Mohammed taught.

IN Islam if you INTENT TO DO GOOD and YOU DON’T DO GOOD, this is still
a POSITIVE SCORE for you, but in the Bible I learn that IF YOU DON’T
DO something GOOD when you should do good, this is SIN. The Bible has
a higher moral than the Quran.

OK… Let me comment you second answer:

Let me clarify, I said that your god did not give ANY INSTRUCTIONS on
HOW to restore the HONOR of that POOR LADY which was raped, but your
god would reward a rapist (as you also has CONFIRMED).

You said that in Islam "Rape" is a count as a big sin, but there is no
forgiveness in Islam for this sin. That is very interesting and you
even contradict the Quran by stating that.

In Sura 39:53 says: "O my Servants who have transgressed against their
souls! Despair not of the Mercy of Allah: for Allah forgives all sins:
for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

Then it is clear that you are wrong saying that RAPE is an
UNFORGIVABLE SIN. The only sin that Allah doesn’t forgive is SHIRK.
Sura 4: 48 “Allah do not forgive that a partner should be ascribed
unto Him.”

You also said that Allah would see THE RAPE and Allah would punish him
for his sins but Allah would REWARD HIM for building a mosque. How
come that Allah will not forgive him, and at the same time ALLAH will
reward him for building a Mosque?

What you said is VERY CONFUSING. It is even contradictory (Allah
rewards but don’t forgive). Can’t you see?

Ursinhu da Juh =] disse...

TO make the matter worse, I found another hadith that CONTRADICTS what
you just said. This Haidth below says that ALLAH MAY ALLOW IMMORAL
save he was not an idolater.

Sahih Bukhari 2.329,
“Narrated Abu Dhar: Allah's Apostle said, "Someone came to me from my
Lord and gave me the news (or good tidings) that if any of my
followers dies worshipping none (in any way) along with Allah, he will
enter Paradise." I asked, "Even if he committed illegal sexual
intercourse (adultery) and theft?" He replied, "Even if he committed
illegal sexual intercourse (adultery) and theft."

Do you understand what Mohammed said? He said that “an angel” come to
him to give the GOOD NEWS that an ADULTEROUS and a THIEVE would be
allowed in Paradise. Can you believe it?

Paradise? Which kind of place is that?

It becomes clear that you are wrong again by saying RAPE is an
unforgivable sin. You just read Bukhari recorded Mohammed saying that
Allah will accept ADULTEROUS AND THIEVES in Paradise.

The example you gave of the IMMORAL LADY that was received in Paradise
just because she gave water to a dog … hummmm …. It looks like that
Allah do not have a clear CRITERIA of what is good or bad to decide a

At the end, He is the one who decides whether a good person goes to
HELL or bad person goes to PARADISE. I am even more convinced that
Islam doesn’t make sense at all.

What hope Islam offers to people? Even you could end up in HELL even
being a good Muslim.

Is it better than the security and the assurance that Jesus gave me?
Jesus said that my sins are forgiven and God accepted me as an adopted
child in his kingdom. He doesn’t call me slave but a daughter a member
of his family. Can Islam match that?

Ursinhu da Juh =] disse...

I am not wanting to leave an annoying situation between us, I just want you to understand that God is perfect and not accept such things in his kingdom, but if your holy book that is permitted but may be my God and your God the same?
If you think, reflect a little you will see that it does not make sense. How can God allow him a prophet marry a girl of only five years and used the girl's clothes while the Qur'an was revealed to him? Can you understand me? The worst is that I am not inventing anything, it is the book itself of you saying that this = [, believe it is very sad = [.
But I did my part and I will pray for God to open your heart to understand that Jesus is the only way the truth and the life =]
Stay with God and do not get me wrong, I really like to see it in the sky

Rebecca disse...

Well, I am used to following this blog, but I actually seldom comment... sometimes for laziness, sometimes lack of time...and so many other excuses...
Eve/Mishal is such a great and beloved friend of mine, and also many girls that already commented or took part in here are dear friends. Somehow I am part of this group of people who enjoy diversity, who are into intercultural relations or because of mere curiosity and willing to learn more about different worlds are here, interconnected.
It´s a pleasure to read different opinions and see how many they can be. But time to time, I get disturbed about some sort of opinions, who are no more than aggressive statements full of prejudice and imbued with feelings of superiority that actually denotes inferiority complexes. I wonder what´s the real purpose of conversations and debates, if not increase our knowledge and at same time our level of comprehension. I everyday pray to God, that I personally believe is one and is common to all the religions (though still leaving in peace Atheists who may think it´s all a waste of time), for giving me maturity and capacity to understand my neighbour, and above all, to respect his/her choices keeping me from imposing him/her my own truths, which I know are not special neither better than other people´s truth, execept for me. If anybody asks me, as we kindly asked Sehrish, to expose my beliefs and points of view, I would do it with passion, mostly because of my own nature, but I think is a matter of politeness, never bring them out as supreme and unique, respecting the value that other people give to theirs. I personally dislike attempts of conversion. I understand the benevolent intention of the individual who, believing he/she is in the right path and considering he/she is doing good , tries to bring together as many people as he/she can with the holy purpose of saving souls from burning hell. I cannot understand the weird ways he/she tries to do it, though. If I see a person in need of any sort of spirtual help, and if he/she asks me, I can show him/her how a specific religion touched my heart and let God do His own job of opening his/her eyes. Still, if is not my religion to satisfy this person, I hope he/she can find something that is able to fulfill his/her spirit, because is the feeling of peace of heart that matters. But when attempts of conversion include sarcasm, humiliation and arrogance, and specially when it is based on superficial knowledge of the own religion to which you are trying to attract your neighbour to, and worse, when what is said is based in distorted judments and sophisms (1. sophism: an argument intended to deceive), it´s hard to accept.Then, to make it clear, what am trying to say is, Sehrish is a sweet girl, who gently is here to share her culture, religion and point of views, what she is doing in a very honest and humble way. It´s a right of every person to disagree, object and/or question, but I think is not right try to demoralize or constrain, putting on Sehrish´s shoulders his/her insatisfaction against a group or a religion. It´s even worse show him/herself superior using as arguments of advantage ones that are based in principles that he/she are contradictorily attacking. Still about the conversion, I read in comments that supposedly Islam says it´s good if you try to convert a person by telling lies, I wonder if it´s good for Christianity to try to convert a person by demoralization of his/her beliefs!? Am just asking myself, when did religions stopped serving humanity by showing means of expanding love and became a competition where lots of hate and disdain are involved.

Rebecca disse...

I read post and comments, and what I saw was a girl clarifying, as requested, things about her religion, while another insistently triying to make the other one´s ideas seem ridiculous and inappropriate. What for? Is it so little solid our Christian beliefs that we need who thinks different from us to fall down so we can prove ourselves we are right? Just analyzing the argumentation it´s easy to notice that the one who was so concerned about the other´s book forgot to care about it´s own. As studying a lot the other religion trying to find out its weak spots, ignored studying your proper religion which is itself full of deep and “confusing” contradictions. As a Christian, I can say with no embarassement that there is a deeeeeeep black hole in the understanding of our Scripture, which our Institutions dig out and am afraid we may never find an exit, so we better start working on it right now, instead of looking aside to poke the neighbour.
I could understand clearly by Sehrish´s explanation that what she meant, putting aside unnecessary explanations regarding numbers of deeds and rewards, is that basically, as we Christians believe, if an individual thinks in doing good this is good, if he/she thinks good and does good is wonderful. If he/she thinks bad, but control his/her instincts, it´s more than wonderful (most of us are included in this cathegory, because we think bad and do bad many times, so is really a grace when we are able to stop ourselves in doing bad, it demonstrates effort and I feel pleased this effort is recognized... it´s so easy doing good when we think good, but how hard it is to think bad and not to this bad... human beings! Uff), and if he/she thinks and does bad, fair enough to bear the consequences. I wonder what´s inadequate or shows injustice in this logic. About rapists and adulterous, they are forgiven according to Quran and according to Bible. There´s no discrepancy. Because, in the end what is important is how we feel moment we face God. If profound regret is honestly installed, God´s Kingdom or Paradise shall be revealed.
Just as matter of further clarification, i would like to quote some Biblical parts who anyone could consider obscure, as much obscure as some Quranic verses may seem to be for us, it doesn´t mean they don´t have interpretation or any sort of justification, by doing this, I just want to demonstrate how thoughtless it can be trying to guess its meanings without serious studies, good intentions and open mind. Even worse to promote baseless accusations.

"So that night they got him drunk again, and the younger daughter went in and slept with him. As before, he was unaware of her lying down or getting up again. So both of Lot’s daughters became pregnant by their father." (Genesis 19:23-25, 30-36 , NLT)

- Incest in the Bible, what was not “punished”, under argumentation that the daughters were mistaken, but imbued of GOOD INTENTIONS, they considered world destroyed and both living in a cave with their dad, they thought sleeping with him would be the only way of saving their clan´s continuation.

Rebecca disse...

Can adulterers inherit the Kingdom of God? I Corinthians 6:9-10; Galatians 5:19-21. Can adultery be forgiven? II Samuel 12:13-14; John 8:10-11.
COMMENT: God will forgive an adulterer if he genuinely repents, and He will give him eternal life. However, the consequences of sin still have their harmful effect, as we see in the death of David and Bathsheba's child. Although forgiven, David and his household endured violence from that point forward because of his adultery and murder.

- I think this part kinda coherent with what Sehrish explained.

Ezequiel 18:20 “The person who sins will die. The son will not bear the punishment for the father's iniquity, nor will the father bear the punishment for the son's iniquity; the righteousness of the righteous will be upon himself, and the wickedness of the wicked will be upon himself”

Exodus 20:05 “You shall not bow down to them or serve them, for I the LORD your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and the fourth generation of those who hate me”
- Oh! Contradictions?

James 2:24 “You see that a person is justified by what he does and not by faith alone.”
Romans 3: 28 “We conclude that a person has God's approval by faith, not by his own efforts.”
- Some more... Men are judged by their faith or by their deeds?

Anyways, I think is quite enough, though I could just paste here dozens of controversial passages.
I don´t mean to offend, hurt anybody. But I really felt the need of exepressing my point of view, and yes, it´s merely my point of view. And I sincerely hope that us learn Matthew 7 ´s lesson, so the only dispute we would face would be the one against our bad instincts:
1Judge not, that ye be not judged.

2For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
3And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
4Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?
5Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.

God Bless you all/Allah Hafiz

Dayse's World disse...

Rebbecca I love your comment!!! I can agree more with you. In all religious good and bad is done: war, lies, incest...All done in name of God, but the plain truth is no matter how much we are followers of one Religion and no matter how much the founders of the religions claim to be holly, religions are done by man. God is God, truthful and perfect. Only him can judge us, he is so perfect that give us free will, we can't never complain to HIM that we where forced to do good or bad deeds and like wise is from this that in the End will matter.

Ps. I born Catholic, I became Protestant(Baptist Church) because of my mom in my late teenager years and about a year ago I became Muslim( And no, no man is involved in this decision) I'm really happy with my religion and I think I found the right moral rules to live for( That is what I think actually of religion, moral rules.)

Carol disse...

I think u werent the one who wrote all this Juh...

Muriel Pareto disse...


i'm loving everything that u say about islam i'm happy to can learn more about this, thank you for theaching us ;)

Sehrish disse...

First of all sorry for being so late. I was much busy with my routine that is why can not come to blog
I really like you this comment….”God is God, truthful and perfect. Only him can judge us, he is so perfect that give us free will, we can't never complain to HIM that we where forced to do good or bad deeds and like wise is from this that in the End will matter”. In short I want to say this all that Allah is one and He is perfect …He better knows about us that what is good and what is bad for us. Even sometimes we are continuously doing good but we did not get reward..Now Allah knows better that why he is not granting us…we just keep faith on Allah….In fact religion is name of Blind faith…As we have (Muslims) faith on un seen God likewise Hindus are blind faith on their Gods…and those God to whom they make them by their own hands and same is the case of Budhism…Agree or not…???
Now let me come to Ursinhu’s confusions….Let me tell you about intentions…you are talking that if we speak lie with good intention then is liar become good…???It is said here that if we speak lie for betterment of any person then it is good …but in Islam lie is liar is always liar whether he/she speaks lie with good or either bad intention…Not only Muslims in fact every one can speak lie in his. Her daily life….so what you said them…. A LIAR…???Let me explain you with an examples…..There are many doctors across a world who can speak lie with unwell people specially with those who are counting their days…what doctors said to them that there is nothing happened to you will be well soon… Now tell me what is it…is not it LIE? Can we say that doctors are very good citizens because there is no bad habit in them…??? It is clear that liar is always liar whether his intentions are good or bad….
Now your next question about Rape! Listen is someone intent to rape a girl…. (remember his intention is bad because rape is a big sin) but due to some reasons he did not do this….Because of this act as he stop himself to doing this he saves a life of girl…and he did not destroys her life…He will get reward in someway….but if he intent and he do this he will be punished….But after doing this bad thing he realized that he did bad and he did sorry from God with true heart his sorry will be accepted..and I am sure about it…Now again here is matter of intentions…if he is really doing sorry from Allah that he will never do this again (means good intention) his sorry will be accepted and vice versa. Even there is said in Quran that “AL AAMALU BIL NIYAT” it means “your work/tasks are based on your intentions” more clarifying that whatever you have done is based on your intentions….more added that intention+thinking. You have often listened that if you think positive your every act will be positive and vice versa. So same will happened with intentions that if our intention is good we will do and find good every where and so on.

Sehrish disse...

Sorry I did not get your point….
“How can God allow him a prophet marry a girl of only five years and used the girl's clothes while the Qur'an was revealed to him?” Please explain it again.
Let me explain you the real concept of marry in Islam…It is said that as girl become young (adult or when she is having periods or menses) then parents should get her marry. Now you can imagine that in what age a girl had periods? Minimum 7-8 years.Right? Hazrat Aysha (Prophet’s last wife) got married (Nikah) in age of 8 with our Prophet and become widow in age of 18. But she has no child. By marrying with such a girl it is shown that you can marry with small age girl. There is no restriction.
Let me tell you Islam is a religion of equality. There is a reason behind every logic.
As you mentioned that “SHIRK” is unforgiveable sin then you is absolutely right. There are two kinds of sins big sin or small sins. Every sin is forgivable except SHIRK. But you are punished against every sin either big or small. If a rapist is going to construct a Mosque then he will be reward but as well as he will be punished too just because of his previous sin (Rape). Punish are of three kinds…Either you will get in this world in shape of and financial, physical, material loss etc. Second in shape of after death mean sin grave and last is in shape of hell. Muslims will surely go in paradise but after getting punish of their sins but people who can not believe in oneness of Allah and his Prophet will not reach to paradise in any way.
You are looking me so aggressive by your comments and I admire your knowledge. But my dear do not even think that Allah has not make any sense of rewards and punishes. Its our believe that he will give us sooner or later. If we are demanding something from him and he is not granting us then he will sure give us when we really need. Because sometimes we demand more than our need…Allah better knows about our need and wants. Allah Tala give ease to us…we can get reward even on doing very small things…like if we are giving one glass of water we will get big reward against it, if we are giving food to hungry we will get reward…even if we look at our parents with smile we will get reward…Now tell me are these acts are able to get reward…???No never….but Allah Tala announce rewards for those things…Think the logic behind these small acts that why Allah grant rewards against such a small acts….??? If reward is granted against only doing big things then only few people can get reward….for example if reward is only for those who is building Mosque then only those people can get reward who are rich or who had enough money and poor can not eligible to get reward in this case. I hope you understand.
Waiting for your comments!

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