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Gente nova no blog...Voces vao adorar!

Hoje vou apresentar a voces caros (as) leitores (as), uma pessoa muito especial que conheci aqui no Paquistao...

Eh ela quem me ajuda quando estou no sufoco com coisas da cultura...eh ela quem esclarece minhas duvidas, me ensina, me guia...Sempre pronta a ajudar e a me dar as melhores dicas possiveis...=)

Mas alem de tudo isso, ela eh uma grande amiga, que aprendi a respeitar e gostar muito...Super inteligente e querida..Tive a felicidade de conhece-la quando fui a Islamabad mes passado..Ate entao, eramos amigas apenas virtuais e trocavamos SMS o dia todo hihih...

Voces meninas apaixonadas por um paquistanes, considerem isso um PRESENTE, porque a partir de agora, ela vai ser colaboradora do blog, para esclarecer as duvidas que afligem taaanto a cabecinhas de voces, em relacao a cultura, costumes, Islam, como funciona a cabeca do homem paquistanes, o sistema familiar por aqui, que eh o grande pesadelo de muitas que estao se aventurando numa estoria como essa e muitos outros assuntos...E bora combinar que nada melhor que uma paquistanesa original para esclarecer todas essas duvidas neh naum???

Ah...by the way, PLZ send your questions to: pakmixbrazil@hotmail.com mas facilitem para nossa amiga neh...se puderem, mandem as perguntas jah em ingles...Nao importa se seu ingles e bom ou naum..Nos vamos entender, dont worry!!!

And now,with you people, our sweety friend SEHRISH...=)))


Hi to alllll readers! 

I am new here and want to share my thoughts with you people. Here is my short but brief introduction. 

My name is Sehrish Afzaal. I am Muslim by grace of Allah (GOD).  I am 23 years old, live in Rawalpindi in Punjab province (Pakistan).Rawalpindi is usually said to be twin city because it is very near to capital city of Pakistan (Islamabad) and there is no boundary among both cities. 

So let me tell you about myself. I have done Master in Business Administration (MBA) specialized in Human Resource Management and now serving in Pharmaceutical Company. Side by side I am going Master in Economics as well. I am very found of writing and I wrote many romantic poems in Urdu (our National language) as well. In my spare time I like to listen music, net surfing, reading books and love to manage and interior my home sweet home. I am a good singer too but I did not adapt it as a profession. I want to be a good Professor in future and want to serve for my country.

The purpose of writing here is to let you people aware from the culture, traditions, and living styles of Pakistan as well as the misconceptions which mostly people had is their minds. 

The recent and common issues related to Pakistan, now-a-days are terrorism and Suicide blasts almost all over the Pakistan. Most of the people think that these activities are done by Muslims too. They are Muslims who want to destroy Muslims. According to me it is totally wrong. Let me explain you with the help of very simple example. If a person is living very happy and healthy life. He has no worries and living his life very smoothly. 

Now there are two kinds of people around him. 1) Bad people 2) Good People.

Good people always think positive about him. But bad people always think negative and want to destroy him. Same in the case of Pakistan, we have many friends and enemies too. It is a third person who wants to see us unhappy and unhealthy. They wants to make us beggar. So that we always spread our hands in front of them for food, medicine and even for life too. But our religion do not teach this all. Islam gave us lesson or braveness. It teaches that “do good with those who are even bad for you” It is a natural phenomenon that Human can not see anyone happy. He thinks why other person is happy or enjoying all gifts of Allah and why not we are? Same in the case of Pakistan, Allah gave us many many natural gifts like rain, minerals, mines, trees and so on. Someone wants to occupy these all gifts from us that is why they are threatening us by using different means. I am not specifying any one (any country) because with out evidence taking some one’s name for doing bad is a big sin.  Pakistan is an active member of the world. Here people are so loving and talented. Although our system is not outstanding. But every thing has some advantages and disadvantages. To avoid these unfavorable circumstances our Government have taken many good steps. Security system is very well organized; rescue teams are well organized and very efficient. May Allah prevent our country from enemies. And I myself welcome all those people who want to visit my beautiful country. 

From my upcoming articles I will let you introduce some good places for tourists and some interesting traditions and culture as well. And if you people asked then I Will upload pictures related to articles too. 

May Allah bless my country. Take Care to All readers.

Please try to write your comments in English. Its my humble request from all. Because I did not understand Portuguese but little bit French.:-)

Allah Hafiz and Good Bye!

10 comentários:

Manahil disse...

MashaAllah, i am very happy, now a sister pakistani original talking with us uh uh\O/ is very gooooooooood, so my english is bad, inshaAllah u will underst me. I met some pakistani by net and we talked about pakistan situation,so sad it, May Allah protect all inocent people and bless all pakistani. By the way I LOVE PAKISTANI PEOPLE and URDU LANGUAGE.. I WISH I COULD TO VISIT PAKISTAN once in my life, INSHALLAH!!
Welcome Sehrish, and Mishal thanks for this blog!!!

Allah Hafiz

Mishal Zohaib disse...

U are welcome jani...=)

Come back soon...

Allah Hafiz

Ana disse...

welcome pakistani original sister...mishal i read your blog always and i loved all your topics,i have a love there in pakistan also, like many brazilian girls have,and my english is also very poor, but i will try to tell you all...my love story is much diferent....i will send a email in portuguese to mishal, and will tell all there ok, but you are welcome....and if i could to visit pakistan once in my life wowowow, will be amazing, plz keep going with so intersting topics about traditions ok?kisses...Ana

Anônimo disse...

Hi Manahil & Ana!
Nice to read your comments about me....Thanx a lot ...please encourage me so that i can write more for you people...also tell me that where i need improvement?
Thanx to all!
Kisses to all my friends!
Allah Ahafiz & Good Bye!

Sehrish disse...

Soon you will see more stuff from my side!

Sehrish disse...

Hi Manahil & Ana!
Nice to read your comments about me....Thanx a lot ...please encourage me so that i can write more for you people...also tell me that where i need improvement?
Thanx to all!
Kisses to all my friends!
Allah Ahafiz & Good Bye!

Ana disse...

Sehrish, of course that you must to write a lot for us, your culture its so intersting and amazing,i know a few about it, becouse my boyfriend is pakistani and i have more 3 friends living there nowadays,muslins and they trying to teach me some about it,but all men, any girl like you, and i want to know about your vision,your life, everything...sorry but im so curious about it...i will send my story to mishal and then she will tell you and you will understand better ok??But keep going i loved all that you wrote...tks...forgive me my bad english,rsss...kisses

Sehrish disse...

Hi & Asalam-o-Alikum!
yeah sure i will write for you people & its my pleasure that you people gave me chance to represent my country's culture!
keep praying for me!
Allah Hafiz!

marcmel disse...

Hi, Pakistani Sister welcome to this blog..I am new here, but is a pleasure know you now!!So,your country and your culture is very interesting but I don't know much.So, I have a boyfriend there and many plans about Pakistan..visit and marry..he he So, I want know about pakistani women, life style, what pakistani men enjoy, and what the pakistani families think about foreign marriage (something like this)..
Thanks, Marcmel!!

Sehrish disse...

Hi Marcmel!
sorry for very late reply...I discuss all your question in my upcoming articles..plesae have a look on them...and if still you have any questions then plesae feel free to ask me...I am always here to reply you people...its my pleasure that i am spreding islamic values and paki culture among many people...
Take Care

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