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Sobre o Paquistao, Mulheres e Islam...By Sehrish

Olha, vou parar de prometer o que nao posso cumprir..afffffffff...(prometi atualizar sempre o blog, novidades e bla bla bla...)

Nao por que eu nao queira, mas vou falar um negocio pra vcs viu..Esse combo dos infernos internet que nao funciona NUNCA +falta de luz  (literalmente igual a tele-sena, de hora em hora hahaha) estah me deixando louca...

Alem disso, nesse meio tempo eu TRABALHEI O.o (depois conto a experiencia), viajei (de novo hihihi) e tals...

Enfim, depois de 294848577692878767657673 bilhoes de anos-luz, consegui finalmente postar o artigo que nossa amiga paquistanesa super fofa Sehrish escreveu pra vcs com muito carinho ha ages a go e soh agora consegui publicar aff

..Leiam com atencao porque eh muito legal mesmo...=)))

By Sehrish

Hi Again! I’m fine. How are you alllll??? Let me tell you little about my country and religion then I will move forward for many intresting topics.

Pakistan officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a country in South Asia. It was come on world’s map on August 14, 1947 and we became independent country. The great founder of Pakistan was Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Our president is Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister is Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani. There are four provinces in Pakistan, Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and Sarhad (NWFP). Here people enjoyed four complete seasons. Basically we have agriculture oriented economy and our basic crops are wheat, rice, maize, cotton, corn etc. We export fruits, vegetables, cloths, sports things, carpets and antiques. Our national language is Urdu. But many other languages are used as well like Punjabi and sariki in Punjab, sindhi in sindh, pushto and Hindko in NWFP and balochi in Balochistan. As it is Muslim country so 90% population is Muslim and other includes Hindus, Christians and so on.
As an Islamic country, you have seen islamic impact on almost every thing. We offer 5 times prayers in a day and pray from Allah. Here are many mosques almost in every street. Some famous mosques are Faisal Masjid in Islamabad, Ilyasi Masjid in Abbottabad and Badshahi Masjid in Lahore. Here are many historical places too like Harappa Museum in Harappa (Punjab), Taxila Museum in Taxila (Punjab), Shahi Qila Lahore (Punjab), Rohtas Fort and Biggest salt mine at Kalar Kahar. These are some most beautiful places of Pakistan. Some Northern areas are also very beautiful like Murree, Kaghan, Naran, Sogran, Abbottabad, Kelash, Kalam and many more.

People of Pakistan are very honest, lovely and hostile. Here is male dominating environment but as time goes up old trends are going to change gradually. Now more women are working equally with men in almost every field of life. Literacy rate is also increasing day by day. People want to grow and want to get knowledge and want to get competitive edge in this globalized environment. A very good thing which Islam teaches us is “respect of women”. No other religion gives so much level of respect to women as Islam gave. Islam imposes duty on men to take care of his mothers, daughters and wives too. Islam dislikes a person who did not take care of their women. A second good thing which Islam teaches us is marriage of man and women in proper way. Here I used a word ‘proper way’ it means the way which Islam teaches us. First of all willingness of both boy and girl for that marriage then nikkah with eye witnesses from both sides and then ‘Haq Mehar’ (husband give money to his wife before building any kind of physical relationship) and then waleema. Waleema means a party of wedding in which all friends and relatives come and give wishes to them and took meal. But the real purpose of Waleema in Islam is to give food to poor’s because they will pray for newly married couple from core of their heart and they do not have any greed from them. Haq Mrhar is very necessary element of wedding in Islam; it is right or wife and liability on husband. Husband is also liable to give “NAN NAFQA” means monthly expense for women other then household expenses. And it is duty of wife to take care of his husband, his home and his children too. But in present era both husband and wife prefer to do job and put their children in some nursery. A very famous quotation is “Husband and Wife are two wheels of cars” Both have to work together for getting some destination.

As I told you before that Pakistan is male dominating society. Although women are getting success in every field of life but they are not fully independent. Even they have to take any decision by getting permission from their father, brother, mother or husband. Islam asked women to keep their self hidden from unknown males or if they have to go outside in any case or emergency then she has to cover herself properly. The main duty which Islam defines for women is to take care for their husband’s home and stay at home its male responsibility to earn for all family. But unfortunately, modern era denies this all and moving inverse of it.

In backward areas of Pakistan there is no respect of women there are totally male environment, women neither are nor permitted to go schools, to choose her life partner or even to choose her dress or food. They people said their self true Muslims but in fact they are not because Islam is a religion of ease not tease. Actually they people are illiterate that is why they did this all. These people thought that to get literate is wastage of time. Anyhow, we have all kind of people in any place a good one and bad one too. But as I study a culture of different countries Pakistan is best of all. No religion can give so much respect and rights to women.

Women can get fame, money, glamour and fun every where but not respect. This world is illusion and our lives are too. No one is sincere here you will fide sin every where. That is why Islam asked women to hide her self from unknown males and stay at home.
Islam does not deny from study or fashion but asked a woman to do fashion just for their husband not for unknown males. Islam denies exposing their self. I really respect women from core of my heart and I have mixed views about this all. I think I am not 100% Muslim but I can not deny facts of Islam. I love my country and religion. Allah gives us prosperity, happiness and every right thing which we want.
I will wait for your comments and suggestions for improvement. Please ask questions frequently. Pakistan Zinda Baad!

3 comentários:

Marcmel disse...

Hi again Sehrish! Thanks for your information. Great you post about history's Pakistan and expose your viewpoints. I liked when you said no religion can give so much respect and rights to women.Despite I am not in relation with Pakistani Guy any more, but I have enjoyed know about your country and culture.Marriage of Pakistan is very interesting and a good teaching.

Thanks again!


Anônimo disse...

I liked the text, it does demystifies lots of aspects of Islam.

I just wished more laic and secular ideas could be openly discussed around there.

I live in Turkey and some villages have the same problems with education, leaving those people in obscurity and some women without any rights.

Personally, I think women should study and have high education... Once married,it is up to her to decide whatever she wants to do- work inside or outside the house- and do what pleases her persona and intelectuality.

Sehrish disse...

Thanx Marcmel...
I really glad to read your positive comments and appriciation...and I feel good to know this that you already know bit about Pakistan and Islam...

Thanks to you too my dear,,,
yeah you are right thay women need high education...You know it is said here that if you teach a single girl you will teach a whole nation..because that single girl will be a wife and mother in future and she will run all system of her house and teach her kids that how to move in society...But is girk is illeterate then how she can spread good deeds among her kids and other people...???
Plesae guide me that which kind of Islamic and paki trends you want to be that i can focus on them...
Waiting for your reply....
Take Care!

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